the frequently asked questions

What type of passenger?

There is not a type of typical passenger: you will find all types, ages and nationalities represented onboard, which creates a very friendly and familiar atmosphere. That’s what makes this cruise so special!

Is there a minimum age?

The minimum age is 18 years at the time of boarding the ship.

Are women welcome?

You will mainly find gay men on board, but we are more than happy to have some crazy women and lesbians with us!

Are pets welcome?

Animals are not allowed on board, so you will have to look for a babysitter for your dog or cat.

How many can we be in the same cabin?

Some cabins can hold up to 4 persons (some suites even more). You will pay € 800 per additional passenger above the double occupancy.

What if I am travelling alone?

You can book a room to share with another solo in some categories. We will then put you together with someone of your age in the same cabin. You can of course also pay for 2, and then you will have your cabin for single occupancy. In that case, until the published date, you can give us the name of a person joining you in your cabin at no extra cost.

Do the cabins have 1 double bed or 2 twin beds?

Almost all the cabins have 2 twin beds that can be converted into a double bed. Give us your preference when booking, and as long as your choice is available, you will have the bed configuration that you prefer.

What is a cabin with obstructed view?

It means that the view through the cabin window is obstructed by a life-boat, which means that you only have a partial view through the window.

How are the cabins assigned?

You can give up your preferences when booking (deck level, front-middle-back of the ship, bed configuration, cabin number, close to other friends,…).
Once your payment is accepted, we will take your preferences as much as possible into account and confirm the number of your cabin. The earlier you book, the more we can comply with your requests, although the given cabin number is not legally binding, and could be changed in case of necessity.

What is included in the price?

All food 24h a day. Tap water, lemonade, ice tea, tea and filter coffee in the main restaurant and at the buffet. All parties, all shows, all entertainment and use of the gym. Port taxes and gratuities for cabin staff.

What is not included in the price?

All costs before you board the ship, and after you leave the ship (flights, hotels, transfers); beverages (except included ones); personal expenses (casino, Spa treatments, shops, internet, phone calls,...); room service.

Do I need a passport and visa?

EU citizens only need their identity cards. Non-EU citizens need to check which documents are required in order to avoid the refusal of embarkation.

Can I cancel without any costs?

You can find the cancellation fees that apply at the bottom of the "Book Now" page, as well as in the "Terms & Conditions" at the bottom of your reservation.

How can I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer, or we will send you a secured link to pay online with your credit card.

Why should I take a cancellation insurance?

The amounts paid for a cruise are considerable, so it would be a shame that you lose your money in case you cannot make the cruise due to unforeseen reasons like illness, job loss, a death decease in your family, etc… Therefor we recommend to contract a cancellation insurance in your country of residence.

But what if I already have an insurance with my credit card?

Most of the free insurances that are offered with your credit card have very limited coverage, and sometimes even don’t apply on cruises, so you should check the general conditions.

Are my booking and payments secured?

The Cruise is a brand owned by BVBA SPLASH, which is a Belgian travel organizer and member of the Travel Guarantee Fund, through which it is insured against bankruptcy. This means that your deposits are insured in case of bankruptcy and that your booking is protected by the Belgian law on holidays.

Do I need a travel assistance insurance?

We really recommend to book it, since medical costs on board and repatriation can be very expensive.

What are the COVID-rules for this cruise?

The rules and protocols concerning COVID-19 are those defined by the cruise company. You can read the details in the Terms and Conditions.

What about the parties?

In the open air at the pool, there will be both t-dance parties in the late afternoon, and night parties until sunrise, with the best light and sound system and the LA DEMENCE DJs! The after-parties will be inside the ships' disco until very late… Be ready for LA DEMENCE at sea!

Do I need cash on board?

When boarding, you credit card will be charged a guarantee for your extra expenses. Or if you don’t have a credit card, you can pay a guarantee in cash for the extra expenses. When checking out, you will have the choice to pay in cash or to be charged on your credit card. The non-used guarantee in cash will be refunded.

What about the shows?

Every night after dinner, and before the night party starts, there will be a show at the 2-storeys theatre.

What about telecommunications?

There is WIFI if you want to use your own devices. You will also find public computers. As the transfer is by satellite, it is slower than on land and costly. Your mobile phone also work when sailing, but by satellite, so it is better that you put it in "flight modus".

Is it allowed to smoke?

It is allowed to smoke in the designated smoking areas.