travelling solo
Some just love to do their own thing. For the others, we offer several opportunities to make new friends or strike up a romance.
From singles dinner tables to singles activities, we help you connect. The ship itself does the rest of the work—the warm, friendly village atmosphere, the new found friends, and the helpfulness of 'The Cruise Staff', will make you won’t find yourself alone.
how to book
To make it budget friendly, we are offering the single share program in some categories.
This means that you get to share a cabin with another solo guest. A few months before departure we will contact you with a short survey, which is your opportunity to let us know if you are a smoker/non-smoker, what languages you speak, if you are a party animal or prefer quiet nights in.

Based on that, we will match you with a like-minded single traveller of roughly the same age. Before departure, we will send you the details of your room partner, so you can get in touch with each other prior to the start of the cruise.
still daunting?
Although the idea of sharing a cabin with someone you don’t know, maybe a bit daunting at first, know that you will not be the only one!
Most of our solo guests share a cabin with someone they didn’t know before. And while many say they were nervous about this at the start, by the end they rush to tell us what a wonderful time they had with their roommate.

Many of our solo guests have found lasting friendships (and even a romance or two!) on our cruises, decided to stay in touch and have even come back together on other cruises.
look for a roommate
You can also look for a roommate through our Facebook group.
If you have found a match, just let us know and we will accommodate you together.

Any of the categories can be booked for single use. In case you would like to add someone to your single-use cabin, later on, you can do it until the published date, without any costs.